Fleebagsuk is an organisation set up to educate, empower and support  victims and survivors  of domestic abuse.
Fleebagsuk is based on the life experiences of an individual who has lived her life under the cloud of an abuser, she now wants to educate and support others who are going or gone through similar experiences.
As in many abusive relationships the victim will go through the relationship with lots of questions about their own behaviors, responses and decision's while battling with the actions of the abuser. It is only when we near the end of the relationship that we have the emotional strength to start to seek some of those answers.
Fleebagsuk gives survivors and victims a safe non judgmental space to explore their journey in more depth, building knowledge to build strength, to sustain a healthier life. 
No matter your current situation, whether you are still in the relationship, planning to leave or you have accepted that you must stay, no matter what or why our qualified and experienced staff can support , advise and guide you into the next stage of your journey without judgement.

Fleebbagsuk offers one to one Recovery Therapy and/or a 4 Week Recovery Program.

Our Staff are all Fully Trained with a wealth of experience:

Diploma Trained Counsellors specializing in Addictions.
Have vast knowledge and experience in Recovery Therapy.
Have lived experience to advise and support our clients. 

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